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Application Guide: How to apply for staff?


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If you are planning on applying to moderate the OSRS Community forums or Discord server, please read this before you apply and answer the questions in the form truthfully. Your answers will be verified and the most important requirement for joining the team is trust.

Your discussions on the forums and Discord are logged, and will be checked for slurs or overly hostile language during your application. Should we find very recent examples, your application is not likely to be accepted.

Please keep in mind that depending on the current amount of active staff availability, new moderators may not be as urgently needed, and your application may remain idle for several months even if the feedback is good. If your application is still pending (but not declined!) after a long time, you may be contacted privately and asked if you are still interested in moderating the servers, should the need arise.

Please remember, if you are applying for a staff position on our Discord then you must already have been in the server for 90 days (3 months).


Please copy this template and post it in Pending under the Applications category.


Personal Information


We only want your first name. Please do not put a username or last name.

Your Age:

There is no minimum age requirement or maximum age over which you will not be considered, however you must show a certain level of maturity in your behavior both inside and outside the forums and Discord server, as well as on your application.

Have you been registered and active on both the forums and our Discord for 90 days?:

By active, we mean actively participating in discussions and topics. (Spam post DO NOT count).

Have you been punished in the last 60 days?:

If your answer is 'Yes', then the ideal option would be to delay your application until you can answer 'No'. Depending on what type of punishment and its duration, your application might be instantly declined. If you have been kicked, banned, or muted on our Discord or forums, and you posted and won an appeal,  then your 60 days start over. DO NOT apply if this is the case.

Have you had an application declined in the last 90 days?:

If yes, make sure you have read its responses and taken their advice for use in your new application, though it may be best to wait until the 90 days have passed.


Your general geographical location or country. You do not need to be specific and this will not influence whether your application is accepted or not.

We are looking for active members in time zones all over the world, this way we have at least one staff member available at all time.


Forum and Server Information

Have you managed a forum or Discord server previously?:

It is fine to answer 'No'. We do not expect you to have prior experience.

If you answer 'Yes' but were an overall poor administrator or moderator, this will impact your application negatively. If you were a good admin and the people we ask agree, this will impact your application positively.

If you are already an admin in another community, you might not find the time to moderate both communities, but we will consider your application regardless.

If yes, which forums or servers have you previously managed?:

List the names of the forums or servers you were moderating, and if possible the duration as well. You can elaborate on your experience if you like, and explain why you left or if the forum or server have shut down.

Application Questions

If you are applying for a staff position for the Forums only, which forum would you like to moderate?:

OSRS Community has many forums and categories. We would like to know which category and forum you are most active in and would like to moderate.

Why would you like to become a moderator?:

Simply write about why you have decided to apply, you can go as in-depth as you wish. Good things to mention are:

-Why you decided to apply.
-Why do you think you would be suited to moderate the forums or server.
-Experiences, abilities and knowledge that might be of use either for yourself or the community. This includes knowledge about moderation commands within discord.
-Perhaps some of your history at OSRS Community.

Please take note, that English is the primary language on the Forums and Discord server. If you are not an English speaker at all, we will automatically place you in the International forums. If you are bi-lingual, then we will put you where you would like to be placed. 

Do you know and have spoken to any of the current staff members?:

Answering 'No' will not have a negative influence on your app, but answering 'Yes' truthfully may have a positive influence.

Please let us know the names of staff members you have spoken to or know.

"Do you know this staff member?"

These are valid reasons to list someone's name here:

-You asked the staff member if you could put their name here and they said yes.
-You communicate with the person very often and they can distinguish you from the multitude of forum and Discord members.
-You know the person in real life.
-You know the staff member from prior media, servers or communities and they still remember you.

These are invalid reasons to have someone in here:

-You spoke with them once.
-You have seen them in the server.
-The person is not actually a current or former staff member.

Placing the name of someone here who has to later step up and respond 'No, I do not actually know this person', will have a negative impact on your application.

How often do you play Old School Runescape?:

This will not have a big impact on your application unless you literally do not play the game at all. Perhaps mention day of the week or general play hours.

Try to elaborate on how you would deal with people breaking specific rules, and make sure to explain what you intend to do if a person has broken the rules multiple times before.

You can look through other applications or the server rules for an overview of what to include.

You are able to adjust the duration of these punishments, and you are expected to do this to players who have broken the rules multiple times in the past. The exact increase in duration per punishment will be revealed to you if your application is accepted, but it is very important that you at least let us know you are aware of this.

Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know:

Other things to consider when applying:

A clean, kind and polite history is great for your application, and the opposite is terrible for it:

-You have many punishments against you.
-You have been punished legitimately on other communities for offenses such as racism, scamming, etc...
-Non-constructive criticism or constant impoliteness.
-Terrible grammar, lack of vocabulary.
-Your current or previous names, profile pictures are inappropriate.
-You have made 'enemies' of other users or staff members

Before you apply, it is useful if we have some previous knowledge of who you are. Try to interact with staff and the community and be active on channels such as discord or the forums, for a better chance at having your application accepted. Constructive suggestions or responses to matters relating to the community show that you are involved.

If you have made a mistake in the past, showing us you have made efforts to resolve it or listened to feedback will mean that your application still has a chance.

Good luck on your application!


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