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Guide: How to get OSRS Gold From Advertising?


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We are currently looking for forum/Discord advertisers. This allows users to become a "staff" member without permissions but benefit from getting paid in OSRS gold and eventually real money via PayPal. Please read the rest of the post before submitting an application. 


Advertiser Guidelines and Policy

  • To become an advertiser, you must be a trusted member of this community. By trusted we mean, absolutely NO infractions against your account whether on the forums OR our Discord server.
  • Anyone can become an advertiser regardless if you are a staff member or a regular member. 
  • When advertising, you must include both the forum link and discord link in your post (on forum sites or Discord servers).
  • If you advertised to a friend or in-game (OSRS) and a member joins our Discord server, have this member contact me stating that YOU invited them. This way I can award you accordingly. 
  • Advertisers will be paid in OSRS Gold, a bond, an item of choice or PayPal (PayPal payments are not released yet) every week on a Friday or Saturday. All invite links are tracked by user, meaning we can see that someone clicked the invite link tied to your account. Forum invite links are untracked. You must submit screenshots of links posted for the forums to prove you posted an invite link and advertised. 

                          • 10 Invites monthly earn 1M Gold @ end of the month

                          • 20 invites monthly earn 5M Gold @ end of the month

                          • 50 invites monthly earn 10M gold @ end of the month

                          • 100 invites monthly earn 50M gold @ end of month OR one Bond

                         • 1000 invites monthly earn 100M gold @ end of month AND 5 Bonds

Note that a lot of advertising servers and websites have rules about posting advertisements and we must follow their guidelines when posting our advertisements. 

  • If you would like to become an advertiser, please contact a staff member stating you would like to advertise for us



Please use the templates below to create advertisements. 

If posting to a forum, please download the image included in the attachments and use imgbb to get the HTML code to post into the forum you are advertising in. 


Forum Advertisement Template:




Come join a friendly and helpful community for Old School Runescape! 

We are a community of Old School Runescape players and fans that wanted a place where we could discuss everything Old School Runescape. We are a rapidly growing community created by fans for fans. If you play the game, have ever played the game, or just want to discuss the game, then this community is for you! (We also accept people who do not play the game or have ever played the game).

What we offer: 

  • General discussion of OSRS
  • Helpful and attentive staff members
  • Guides and Tips
  • Media sections to share screenshots, and videos
  • A Grand Exchange to buy and sell your OSRS items
  • Off-Topic forums for people who do not play the game or have any clue about the game

We also have the only Old School Runescape Discord server around: https://discord.gg/QWeHUPBqTT

If you are someone that likes active communities with a multitude of content, then this is the place for you. Join us today! https://osrscommunity.com



Discord Advertisement Template:


Come join the ONLY Old School Runescape discord community. We offer everything specific to OSRS from, guides, grand exchange, general discussions, clan recruitment, and more! 

Come join our forums for more discussion as well: https://osrscommunity.com

Disclaimer: We accept any person who would like to join regardless if you play Old School Runescape. We are an open community. 




  • You may also create your own template to advertise. Please share this template with a staff member either on Discord or on the forums to make sure it meets our criteria before posting your advertisement.
  • Make sure to read the rules of the advertisement website or Discord server you are planning on posting our advertisement. 
  • If you are planning to advertise on Discord with our Discord link, please let a staff member know on Discord so we can set you up for invite tracking (this is used to award you accordingly)


Thank you!

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