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FirstToLeave - Owners Introduction

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Hey everyone! I am FirstToLeave, the owner and founder of the OSRS Community. I created this community because I couldn't find anything that suited my needs as an Old School Runescape player/fan. I wanted this community to be the hub for all OSRS content and decided to go out into the larger worlds of OSRS (W301, W302) and take a survey. I asked people what they would want in a OSRS Discord and Forum that the official forums don't have. Well, I got my responses and set out to create what you are viewing now. 


About me: 

I am a web developer and Discord bot developer from the USA. I enjoy music, documentaries, and of course, gaming. I build and sell websites, Discord servers, and graphics as well. I am very big into computers and graduated college with a bachelors degree in Computer Sciences and Computer Engineering. I love to help people with their problems and am a very easy going person. If you want to chat with me, then feel free. I work Monday thru Friday, but on the weekends I am typically available. So if you message me and I don't respond right away, I am most likely working and I apologize in advance. Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your day, afternoon, or night! 

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