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Template: Submitting a Suggestion

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Please use the template below for submitting all suggestions




Not needed when submitted in the Contact Us page


Suggestion Date:

The date the suggestion is created helps us sort the order a suggestion will be reviewed


Suggestion Group:

Suggestion groups are who the suggestion is for ie. Administrators, Developers, Graphics Team


Suggestion Category:

Categories include: Forums, Discord, Ranks, Awards, Tutorials, Clubs, etc..



Submit your suggestion with as much information as you would like


Please note that you can also submit an anonymous suggestions using the Contact Us page and selecting "Suggestions" from the drop down. Please note that these suggestions will be sent automatically to a forum in our staff department using a bot account. These suggestions are used for privacy between staff and member and member and member. Please use the template above WITHOUT the username field for submitting suggestions in the Contact Us page as you would in the Suggestions forum. 

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