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    About Us

    By FirstToLeave,


    The OSRS community is a community of players that love the game Old School Runescape. We discuss everything related to the game, from strategy and tips to news and updates. We also have a wide variety of other topics, including but not limited to: general gaming discussion, coding, and even Runescape Private Servers. We are a rapidly growing community. We welcome everyone, whether you play the game or not. So come on in and join the discussion!



    What we Offer at the OSRS Community



    We here at the OSRS Community offer our members a vast feature loaded outlook on a forum board style community. 

    The main focus of the website is obviously Old School Runescape, but we wanted a community for everyone whether you have played the game or not. Our forums offer many different categories such as, OSRS content, Runescape Private Server (RSPS) content, General Gaming content, Developers and Coders content, and much more. 


    We also wanted our members to feel like they have control within our website, so we just implemented a Clubs system. Clubs give our members access to their own communities within our community. Members can create their own Clubs or join a Club whether it's open or you've been invited into it. Clubs can be anything, from a coders Club, a graphics Club, a gaming Club, etc.. 

    Within Clubs, Club founders have the ability to create their own board with topics, change the Club's profile picture and banner to make their Club stand out and much more. 

    You can learn more about clubs by clicking here





    We love information on OSRS and other topics as well. So we decided, why not create a wiki dedicated to our website. The wiki offers tons of information on basically anything members would like to share and is also owned and maintained by our members. You can check our Wiki out by clicking here





    Everyone likes help once in awhile, and we at OSRS have acknowledged this by adding in our own Tutorials page. Members of the OSRS Community now have the ability to host their own tutorials on basically anything they want. From money making guides in OSRS to learning a new coding language. The possibilities are endless. Members can write out a tutorial, add pictures or even host tutorial video they created. If you would like to check this out, feel free by clicking here




    Closing Information


    As the community grows, and more members start to join, more demands are made from members of the community. Thankfully, we listen and understand the needs of our members and we stay up to date with everything within our community. More content will be added, more ranks, more power to the user. We have space for everyone, so if this sounds like an ideal spot for you to make new friends, and have fun, then feel free to join us today! 

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